What is the biggest advantage of playing at an online casino? Is it the huge selection of games, often with several thousand titles? Is it the comfort of being able to play from the comfort of your own home, with no dress code? Or is it perhaps the mobile availability of most sites, which means you always have your own casino in your host’s pocket?

While all of these things undoubtedly contribute greatly to why so many players prefer casinos on the internet, there is an even bigger advantage: the casino bonuses! Those who play the slots and table games in a land-based casino usually have to rely completely on their luck (or skill) to win. Hardly any land-based establishment offers its players reasonable bonuses.

On the internet, however, things look a little different. Here, players can claim fantastic bonuses at almost every provider, which can sometimes pay out thousands of francs. In addition, there are many other advantages in digital casinos, such as free spins or similar things.

At CHCasino, we are of course aware that bonus offers are extremely important for most players in online casinos. Therefore, when looking for the best casinos for Swiss players, we have focused primarily on finding the sites with the most lucrative and fairest bonuses. We present our readers with the exact details of the bonus offers in every casino review, including the turnover requirements and other important conditions.

If you are looking for the casino that is a contender for the title “Best Casino Bonus for Swiss Players”, then you have come to the right place. We also want to tell you everything you need to know about casino bonuses on this page. Read on to find out what types of casino bonus offers there are, how they work and how you can get the most out of each offer.

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Types of casino bonuses for Swiss players

First of all, we will give a detailed overview of what types of casino bonuses are available for players from Switzerland. Over the years, online casino operators have kept coming up with new types of offers that players can take advantage of on their sites. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Welcome bonus

Right at the start, a new player at a Swiss online casino usually receives a welcome bonus that gives him or her bonus money on the amount deposited. This offer, which is also called a welcome bonus, is particularly attractive at most providers so that as many players as possible open an account there.

There are different types of welcome bonuses, but in most cases the player gets a percentage bonus on the deposit amount for his or her first deposit. For example, if he or she makes a deposit of CHF 200 and the casino offers a 100% welcome bonus, then the player receives CHF 200 as a gift in the form of bonus credits.

This credit cannot usually be paid out directly because otherwise too many players would take advantage of the offer. Instead, the player must first fulfil the turnover requirements for the bonus and turn the bonus money into real money by playing on the site.

In addition to this bonus money on the deposit, many casinos also offer free spins as part of the welcome bonus. These are usually not tied to the amount of the deposit, but can be used in full from a certain deposit amount. For example, if a player has to deposit at least CHF 20 to receive the welcome bonus, then in most cases he or she will receive the full number of free spins in return.

Last but not least, some providers even offer welcome bonuses that players receive before they make their first deposit. As soon as a player has opened an account in the casino, he is then greeted with a bonus. In most cases, this consists of a small amount of money and perhaps a few free spins. The offers rarely give out a lot of money, but are rather there so that new players can try out a new casino without making an investment of their own.


Cashback is another popular form of casino bonus. As the name suggests, players get money back from the casino if they suffer losses on the site. For example, if a casino offers 10% cashback for Swiss players, then one tenth of all losses from the corresponding period will be refunded.

Most of the time, the cashback consists of real money, which of course makes it particularly attractive. With a generous cashback offer, a player can make a possible losing streak a lot more bearable because there is then a nice amount of free money waiting for him or her the following week.

VIP Club

Logically, it is in the interest of every online casino that players stay there as long as possible and do not migrate to a competitor. For this reason, many sites operate so-called VIP clubs. These reward players for their loyalty and give them many advantages for participating in the games over a longer period of time.

A VIP club, which is often also known as a loyalty programme, usually works as follows. After a player makes a real-money wager on the site for the first time, they earn points towards the club. From that point on, the player then accumulates points for all real money wagers. Once the player has reached a certain number of points, he or she then moves up to a higher level, where there are usually more points per franc wagered.

Those who have collected enough points can then receive great rewards. These can consist of a wide variety of things, such as bonus money, real money, free spins, deposit bonuses, non-cash prizes and much more.

Tournaments and promotions

Tournaments and similar promotions are a particularly exciting type of casino bonus. In tournaments, for example, all players in an online casino play against each other by placing bets on slot machines, triggering certain features or winning as much as possible. To keep everything fair, the amount of the stakes and winnings is usually disregarded in order to give all players the same chances. The most successful participants in the tournaments end up at the top of the rankings and can win prizes.

Another type of promotion is raffles. Here, random players are selected by the casino to receive prizes. Players often have to register or fulfil other conditions to participate in the raffle. The prizes are usually bonus money, free spins or other great things.

Why online casinos in Switzerland distribute bonuses

Many players wonder why on earth an online casino in Switzerland gives out bonuses. The answer to this question is very simple: because they have to! Nowadays, there are thousands of online casinos, all vying for the favour of players. They, in turn, look primarily for the sites with the biggest bonus offers, because that’s where they can win the most money.

If an online casino nowadays does not offer any bonuses for its players, it will have practically no chance of attracting new players at all. On the contrary, new providers have to assert themselves on the market primarily by offering particularly good bonuses because they do not yet have a regular clientele.

These are the conditions you must meet for most casino bonuses

To ensure that it does not suffer too great a loss with the bonus offers, every online casino has set up certain conditions for its bonuses. It is imperative that the player adheres to or fulfils these in order to be able to take advantage of the bonus.

Below we present some of the most common types of bonus conditions applied in most online casinos.

Turnover conditions

The turnover conditions are by far the most important condition for every welcome bonus. As long as these conditions are not met, the player cannot withdraw a single cent from the offer.

The turnover requirements for casino bonuses are very easy to explain. When a player receives bonus credit from a casino bonus, he or she must first convert it into real money by playing. The turnover requirements specify how often he or she must wager the amount on the titles on the site.

For example, if the wagering requirements are 30x and the player has received a bonus amount of CHF 100, then they must make wagers worth at least CHF 3000 before the bonus is converted into real money.

Weighting of the games

There are various casino games where players can abuse certain mechanics to reach the turnover requirements for a bonus faster. An example of this is roulette. Here, a player can simply bet the same amounts on red and black (plus a small amount on the zero as insurance) and thus achieve considerable betting amounts in a short time.

To make such methods ineffective, each online casino applies weightings to the games that count towards achieving the wagering requirements. As a rule, slot machines count for 100%, while table games only count for a small fraction or even not at all towards the conditions.

Maximum use

Another idea of the players to reach the turnover conditions quickly was to make very high bets. If, for example, a player has the opportunity to wager amounts of more than 100 euros in a single round, the turnover requirements would be reached very quickly in the example described above. To prevent this, the online casinos set limits for the maximum bets that a player can make with bonus credit. In most cases, these are between CHF 3 and 5.

Blocked deposit methods

Not every deposit method can be used to trigger casino bonuses in every online casino. With many providers, for example, payments with the services Skrill and Neteller do not entitle the player to receive the bonuses. It is very important that players inform themselves about these restrictions in advance, because otherwise they may not receive the bonus. Of course, at CHCasino we make it clear exactly which methods may be used for each bonus offer of a casino.

Only one household/one IP address

Another way to abuse a casino bonus would be if a person claims it more than once. For this reason, every online casino has the condition that each offer can only be used once per player, household and/or IP address. In practice, this unfortunately leads to cases in which several people from a household (e.g. a shared flat) cannot each use the bonus in the casino. However, there is no other way for the casino operators to prevent this kind of bonus abuse.

Examples of Swiss casino bonuses

Now that you are already familiar with the most important information on the subject of casino bonuses, we would like to present you with some examples of Swiss casino bonuses. These offers are, of course, only some of the most well-known ones available at casinos on the internet.

100% casino bonus Switzerland

The 100% casino bonus for new players is by far the most common offer you will find at an online casino in Switzerland. Unsurprisingly, players here get a 100% bonus on their first deposit at the casino. In addition, a maximum amount applies to each of these bonuses, so that players cannot grab astronomically high amounts as a bonus.

For example, such a bonus could look like this:

  • 100% up to CHF 500

The player receives a 100% bonus for his first deposit, up to a maximum of CHF 500. This credit must then be cleared according to the turnover requirements until it becomes real money.

200% casino bonus

At some particularly generous online casinos, you may find an offer such as a 200% casino bonus. Consequently, you will then receive double the value of your deposit as bonus money at this site. For example, if you deposit 200 CHF, your bonus will then be a proud 400 CHF and you will have a total of 600 CHF available to play with. In principle, this triples the value of your deposit.

300% bonus at the casino

They are very rare, but every now and then you can actually find them: the 300% casino bonuses. If you find a casino with such an offer, you should strike immediately, because it is one of the best bonus offers ever. Just think, you make a deposit of 200 CHF and get a bonus of unbelievable 600 CHF as a gift. Now that’s a welcome to a new casino!

Advantages and disadvantages of casino bonuses

Finally, we have summarised a list of the most important advantages and disadvantages of casino bonuses. If you are now wondering how there can be disadvantages with free bonuses, just read on. There are not many, but there are indeed a few.

Advantages of casino bonuses

Of course, it is not particularly difficult to find benefits of casino bonuses. Here are some of them:

  • Free winnings in the casino
  • Possibility to test a new casino
  • Reimbursement of losses under certain circumstances

Disadvantages of casino bonuses

Even though there are not many, there are indeed some disadvantages of casino bonuses:

  • May tempt players to higher stakes to achieve the conditions
  • Could make people with gambling addiction return to a casino