This page contains information on how our website “” uses cookies. Basically, it tells you what information we collect and why.


Pretty much all websites nowadays contain cookies and our website is no exception. Cookies are tiny text files stored in the user’s browser. And they are needed pretty much every time the website needs to remember something about the user. For example login (“remember me”).


If the user chooses to leave a comment or a review on our site. We ask the following information that can be personal:

  • email address
  • name (nickname)

This information is stored on our server. We don’t really need this information, but to be able to fight against spam comments email address is mandatory. Also, the user’s IP address gets stored when a comment is left. The purpose of this is as well to be able to fight against spam comments.

Google Analytics

Familiar to many, Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that collects data on the people that visit the site. We use the tool mainly to see the number of visitors and how they have entered our site, but of course, the tool provides a lot of other useful information to improve the website.

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