The Swiss love to gamble. This is testified by the numerous picturesque casinos that abound in the country. Who hasn’t heard of the Grand Casino Baden or the Casino Interlaken, for example? But the hype surrounding the online casinos on the Internet, which are so much in demand these days, has not passed Swiss gamblers by either. So the fans of colorful slot machines, roulette, blackjack and Co. have gambled until recently in the numerous foreign online arcades. But with the latest changes in legislation, strict frameworks are imposed on the tempting gambling on the Internet.

What all this means for Swiss players and whether online casinos in Switzerland are legal, we will clarify in a moment.

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This has been expected for a long time. Swiss land-based casinos and casinos now wanted to quickly catch up with online casinos and also present their offers online. After all, anyone who doesn’t have their finger on the pulse today is at risk of going out of business. So it became clear that it is also for Swiss classic casinos to go online as soon as possible.

However, what was happening around online gambling in Switzerland until recently could only be described as a gray area. After all, gambling in local casinos was always regulated in Switzerland, but online games were not even mentioned in the laws. In clear terms, this meant that gambling on the Internet was not legal. Of course, this was to change. And so the first steps were taken in the direction of making online casino Switzerland legal.

The Swiss Gaming Act and the regulation of online gaming

On January 1, 2019, the time had come. Following a referendum, the new Gaming Act came into force. This regulates the implementation and permissibility of games of chance not only on site, but also online. The licenses of the future online gaming halls are approved by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB). It is also responsible for supervision.

However, these are not new licenses, but so-called license extensions. These are offered to the land-based casinos so that they can expand their offer with a corresponding online casino. It is therefore firmly anchored in law that until 2024, the online offers are only reserved for Swiss casinos on site.

Thus, it is now clear that already online casino Switzerland is legal. But legal for whom? That is already another question. Surely you have already noticed that so far there has been no mention of foreign providers.

Online casinos from abroad – are they allowed?

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint the fans of gambling here. According to the new Swiss gambling law, online casinos with licenses from EU countries or from abroad are generally not legal. All online providers must be tied to a local casino and the headquarters of the operating company should also be in Switzerland.

Many foreign operators, which until recently also provided Swiss players with their offers on the Internet, have accordingly withdrawn from the Swiss market.

However, there are also some for whom the new rules obviously do not apply, and who continue to try to function in the gray area. However, the gray area is already gone, so such providers are functioning illegally. For such online casinos, the gambling authority of Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Gaming Commission has provided a blacklist. Anyone who lands there will have their domain names blocked. This is also known as DNS blocking. Whether such a measure is effective remains questionable. It is well known that such a block can easily be circumvented via a VPN network. But is it worth it at all?

We ask the question because most land-based casinos locally have already followed the new law and are already running their business online. And with great success, we would say.

The current Swiss online casinos

After online casinos in Switzerland became legal, almost all Swiss casinos have applied for a license extension. The first to do so, as of July 5, 2019, was Grand Casino Baden. It was quickly followed by the other 20 local casinos, including Casino Davos, Grand Casino Lucerne and finally Casino Neuchâtel. All of them offer Swiss players online websites that are in no way inferior to the foreign online casinos that were so popular among fans recently. By the way, the following features distinguish the sites that offer online casino Switzerland legally:

Compelling game selection

The new legal regulation in Switzerland tries to bring order to the booming gambling business, but does not go as far as the new law in Germany, for example.

Therefore, players who pursue their favorite pastime legally and in a safe gaming environment at the online casino Switzerland can enjoy not only simple slot machines. Accordingly, Swiss fans are also offered jackpot games and live casino.

Since the numerous and so popular game titles cannot all originate from Switzerland, Swiss online casinos cooperate with the best developers in the industry. The only exception are software producers from Caribbean countries. Their creations will not be legally offered by an online casino Switzerland.

Fantastic bonuses

The lawmakers also do not see any restrictions on Swiss online gaming halls when it comes to bonus offers. In the online casino Switzerland legal, you can therefore top up your gaming account with numerous bonus funds. This also makes it much better for Swiss players with the chances of winning. Because with more money in the account you can make more bets and so the probability of winning increases.

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to bonuses at the online casino in Switzerland, with generous welcome bonuses, lots of free spins, numerous reload bonuses, cashback and all other conceivable promotions.

A particular advantage of Swiss online gambling halls for players comes from the effective measures taken to combat any gambling addiction. In this respect, Swiss players can fully rely on responsible treatment on the part of the providers. Gambling bans and various limits, which keep gambling behavior under control, ensure that gambling remains just a fun game.

Conclusion: Gambling will remain a favorite leisure activity in Switzerland

If you want to play it safe and prefer a secure game without the risk of being pulled over the table with your winnings, you are well served with the offer of an online casino Switzerland legal. Of course, you can bypass all gambling restrictions and also gamble at foreign casinos that are illegal in Switzerland. But one does this entirely at one’s own risk. Players will certainly not be punished for such behavior in the future, but it is much better to have your contact person in case of any disputes around winnings in Switzerland. Besides, the offers Swiss online casinos are always worth a gamble.