Are there any new online casinos in Switzerland?

Worldwide there are new online casinos popping out constantly, but they are not available for Swiss players. Well, I guess most won’t deny you from playing, but according to Gespa (Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority) and Swiss legislation, all online casinos without a Swiss license or license extension are considered illegal. And they take illegal gambling seriously. Illegal operators that target the Swiss market will eventually end up on Gespa’s blocklist. So if you’re currently a Swiss resident and located in Switzerland, better stay with the local options.

So who can open a new online casino in Switzerland? 

To be able to open a new online casino the operator needs to apply for a license extension. Yes, license extension, not license as there are no licenses available at the moment to only operate an online casino. The operator needs to first have a physical casino and license to practice that business legally before they can even dream about offering games online as well. Luckily there are several land-based casinos in Switzerland!

New online casinos 2021


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New online casinos to come?

Currently, there are 9 online casinos available in Switzerland which isn’t a lot, but there are more to come soon. Already now two more land-based casinos, Casino Basel and Casino Montreux have gotten the license extension that allows them to operate online. Both are probably soon to open their new online casinos. And most likely, there is more to come soon.

How do we know? 

Because in total there are 21 land-based casinos in Switzerland. And all of these land-based operators are eligible for the license extension. And since the trend in gambling is shifting more online, all of them will eventually apply for the license extension. Or at least that could be easily assumed.

All online casino license holders can be seen here.

Why choose a new online casino?

On regulated markets, there really isn’t that big of a difference between the available options. Game selection is more or less the same and most operators provide the same payment methods. So what’s the catch?

Bonuses. Especially new player bonuses. 

Everyone who has ever registered to an online casino and made a real money deposit has probably gotten some bonus money on top of the deposit. And the new player bonus is always the best one that you can get. Of course, online casinos have regular promotions and loyalty programs to reward good clients but still, the first bonuses are usually the best ones. Not necessarily based on the amount of bonus money you get, but the conditions to claim the bonus to real money are usually far better on the 1st deposit.