The possibilities to make payments online have increased rapidly. Therefore, today there are countless online banks and payment providers that make it extremely easy for us to send and receive money. Modern online casinos usually offer a wide range of variations on how I can receive my winnings and place my bets. We will take a closer look at the most important representatives of the industry in today’s article.

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What needs to be considered?

The sheer variety of online casino payment methods can quickly make you lose track. To help you make a good decision, we have summarised the most important criteria that a payment method should fulfil.

  • Safety should be a priority.
  • The entire process of depositing and withdrawing should be easy and convenient.
  • For the player, there are no or only very low fees for the transactions.
  • The technology is also said to work excellently on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Credit notes are issued quickly, ideally directly and without further delay.

In our big comparison, we want to focus on the most popular options, the following representatives:

  • The good old classic EC card
  • Credit cards
  • Paying and receiving by bank transfer
  • Klarna – Swedish variant
  • PaySafeCard – Austria also offers solutions
  • Neteller – The British variant
  • Skrill – The alternative to Paypal
  • The payment provider Paypal

The EC card of the savings banks and postal banks

Most of us have grown up with the EC card; in the past, if you wanted to make cashless payments, you could hardly get past the EC card of the savings banks, credit unions, postal banks or many other institutions. It is the oldest and therefore also an important representative of the online casino payment methods.

Its advantages lie above all in its widespread use; after all, almost everyone has this card. Payment transactions are transparent, secure and instantaneous, which is why it is popular with casinos.

Its greatest advantage is also its greatest disadvantage. Their transparency. Past experience has shown that many players do not want to see their activities on their bank statements, so the new payment providers can offer a little more financial privacy here.

Credit cards from Visa, Master or many other providers

Although the debit card is the most widely used, many players opt for the credit card. Payments are made instantly, so the flow of the game is not interrupted, and the security of credit cards is also extremely high. It is even higher than with EC cards, yet the TAN and SMS code verifications do not disrupt the flow of the game in the slightest.

The advantage lies in the security and the fact that they are billed separately. As a result, profits and losses do not appear on the account statement, but on the credit card statement.

It also goes antique

For those who are not comfortable with card payments or who no longer have a card as a result of bad experiences, bank transfers are available. Online casinos still offer the possibility to receive winnings as a bank transfer, so your bets can also be placed.

However, the payment method comes with disadvantages. It is the slowest and also the most expensive. There are fees and it is important to check these in advance, possibly one of the other online casino payment methods is more advisable for you. Instant transfers can mitigate the disadvantages somewhat, although they cannot eliminate them completely; they are faster, but often more expensive than other methods.

Klarna – An option for you?

The Swedish company Klarna has made a name for itself as a secure payment processor, especially in e-commerce. The Swedes enjoy a similarly good reputation in the world of online casinos, although this is not their core business, Klarna is an extremely good alternative here.

The Swedes offer the possibility to receive your winnings and place your bets via Klarna. The fees are amazingly low, the system extremely simple and the speed exemplary, so that we can give Klarna an explicit recommendation.

On the safe side with the PaySafeCard

A fairly young payment option that was launched by a start-up in Austria in 2018. The Austrians were looking for a solution that could take away people’s fear of paying by card on the internet. After all, it is a widespread worry that more will be charged than you would like, and it is precisely this worry that is taken away with PaySafeCard.

Similar to a prepaid card, the PaySafeCard is loaded with a certain amount beforehand and thus you can only spend what you have loaded beforehand. This protects against unwanted additional spending and offers complete control. Therefore, PaySafeCard is definitely one of the best online casino payment methods of the year for us.

What is Neteller?

This British payment provider follows a similar path as the Austrians. The British also rely on the prepaid card model and offer a few more advantages than the Austrians.

It starts with a registration and then the customer receives an account, which is not entirely dissimilar to a classic bank account. It can be topped up from a variety of sources and the customer also receives a prepaid card. Payments can be made with the card or directly from the account, and the same applies to receiving winnings.

This way, in short, all online activities can be managed from a separate account. Fast, secure, cheap and at the same time a certain privacy is maintained. One of the absolute top online casino payment methods.

Among the most important online casino payment methods is Skrill

The payment processor Skrill, also from England, has made a name for itself especially in the world of online casinos. In principle, Skrill works like Paypal, the customer opens an online account and can receive and send payments from there in real time. Security is a top priority and is therefore also available as a payment option at almost all casinos.

One of the most common payment methods is still Paypal

For a long time, Paypal was a payment method firmly linked to Ebay. Paypal offers unparalleled buyer protection, which is why it is so popular with so many users. Those who do business online with Paypal have an extremely high level of control over their payments.

The great protection is also equally the big problem, which is why many casinos no longer offer Paypal. If the player has lost money, he has the theoretical possibility to claim his money back via the buyer protection. Too many players have made use of this and thus Paypal has disappeared from most casinos as a means of payment.

Conclusion on the best online casino payment methods

Times have changed for the better. No way to bet money or receive winnings is really bad, they all offer certain advantages and some also disadvantages. But they are all safe. It is, as so often, a question of personal taste and preference.