There are countless online casinos available nowadays. Yet not all of them are legal and safe. That’s why it is so important to educate yourself before playing, especially if you plan to play for real money.

In Switzerland, online gambling has been subject to the so-called Money Act (“Geldgesetz”) since January 2019. This law applies to all real-money games and makes gambling on the internet legal. Swiss land-based casinos can now also offer online casino games.

The Money Act is an update of the Swiss Gambling Act that came into force in 2014. The task of the update was, among other things, to also regulate the rising market of online gambling and make it safe for consumers.

The so-called Swiss Gaming Commission is the regulating body, a supervisory authority. It ensures that players are protected. It issues licences, publishes lists to inform players and also draws attention to the social risks that can be associated with gambling.

Only Swiss casinos are affected by this law; anyone who chooses an online casino with a foreign registered office plays entirely at their own risk.

Seriousness is now writ large in online casinos, but since there are still grey areas, it pays to look carefully before you start playing.

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How to identify a reputable online casino

There are several points to consider in order to find out whether an online casino is reputable or not. Since we have legal regulations in place today, credible information is readily available. The following issues are points of reference to be sure that an online casino is reputable when choosing one.

In Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Gaming Commission issues licences for reputable online casinos. Lists of these licensed online casinos can be viewed by consumers on the internet.

This commission only awards the licences if the online casinos meet all the requirements. Thus, the player can be sure to play in a controlled environment. At the same time, he also has the possibility of contacting them if a problem should arise.

Bonuses in reputable gambling halls

Bonus offers are varied and have the main purpose of attracting new customers. Here, too, there are many different overviews on the internet that can help you decide which casino site you want to play at. It is crucial that the bonuses are fair.

There is no lack of variety in casino bonuses. For example, there is the welcome bonus, the deposit bonus and the free spins bonus. To receive the bonus, certain criteria must be met by the player. Turnover requirements apply and the bonus is valid for a certain period of time. In addition to the monetary bonus, the player often also receives free spins.

Checking the RTP values or payout ratios

RTP is an abbreviation for “return to player”. This value is also known as the payout ratio and is based online on complex algorithms that need to be checked again and again.

Understanding this value is important for the player to be able to correctly evaluate and assess the chances of winning.

There are official test laboratories that deal with the control of this value. The results of these test labs can be used as a guide to assess the seriousness of an online casino.

The payout ratios vary among the different providers, but also from game to game. And of course the player must never forget that online games, no matter in which online casino, are always a game of chance. The principle of chance ultimately decides how the win goes, whether the player wins or loses.

A reputable online casino must be very transparent for this information. This means that the player who wants to inform himself can find these values and odds very easily.

Payment methods in reputable casinos

There are now many methods of depositing and withdrawing money. Here, too, you have to be very attentive and inform yourself well about which payment method is the safest. Due to the new law, payouts are of course also guaranteed by the state.

Credit cards are always an option on all casino sites. However, a reputable online casino does not only accept credit cards as a payment method. There are also alternatives, for example direct debit and various bank transfer options. Here, too, there are many options on the internet to inform yourself about the seriousness of the individual options.

In order to judge the seriousness of the provider, one has to consider the fees and the duration of the payout periods, as they are not the same and regulated everywhere. There are casinos with instant payout, at others the payout takes several days.

Identity verification – a guarantee for safe play

All players in Switzerland are required to pass an official verification procedure. Without the verification of the identity of each individual, participation in online games and betting is not possible. The correctness of the information is strictly controlled.

With this step, the gambling market in Switzerland has become transparent and, for example, the issue of money laundering has been regulated.

The identity verification procedure is also controlled by the EGBA, the European Gaming and Betting Association.

Data protection in a reputable casino

Data protection, as with all other online services, must always come first. Playing online often requires you to register with the site you choose. That’s why you should find out exactly what happens to the personal data you provide to the online casino.

Since one provides the casino with payment information, the gaming times are of course interesting for hackers and fraudsters. That is why the website one chooses should have an SSL certificate. This is an encryption method that protects the users’ valuable data.

There are lists for rating casinos and gaming sites that can be viewed and read online. They are certainly a good reference point for deciding on a licensed and thus legal and reputable online casino.

Final thoughts

Online casinos in Switzerland are very well controlled for the safety of the players.

Even with regard to payouts, players are also on the safe side nowadays. It is regulated that online casinos may only use the players’ stakes for payouts, not for other purposes of the company. Thus, even in the event of a possible insolvency of the casino, the players’ money is protected.

There are many points that a player should clarify before deciding to gamble online based on an informed decision. The fortunate thing nowadays is that there are regulations that are official and transparent. These regulations must be easy to find and view on a legal and reputable casino website.

A lot has happened in the online gambling market and consumers can be happy that their protection is more and more in the foreground.